Why are people so mean and nosy now days? -_-?

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Kristy Asked: Why are people so mean and nosy now days? -_-?

I mean geez!! I go to the beach with my mom to get some stress off my mind and we're having a conversation and a dumb man and some people say ' Crazy you too' to me because I told my mom ' What that's insane!!' (we were having our own conversation). I mean geez i wasn't even talking to him. You don't just go around telling 11 year old's ( my age) ' Crazy, you too' i know im probably over reacting right now but there's been more times in public where people are butting in listening to my conversations ( i don't even talk too loud yet they listen). Even when i'm out with friends ppl do this >.< it just gets on my nerves! People now days= Rude much!! I rarley find nice people now days!! Especially on the internet…Why are people soooo mean??! icon sad Why are people so mean and nosy now days?    ?


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