What are the VPN Settings for Iphone 3g on Net10?

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Asked: What are the VPN Settings for Iphone 3g on Net10?

I connected my Iphone 3g with NET10. I got the 50.00 plan which includes unlimited everything. But every time I go to the Safari I HAVE to connect it to a Wi Fi, it tells me that I don't have access to a network, but I should have internet since im paying for it . The only place I have internet is at home , because I use my home internet. When I get home I connect the Wifi with my network. What do I need to do so I can always have internet and not have to connect to a network every time or always stay connected to 1 ? PLEASE HELP! Do I have to fix my VPN settings ? I don't hae APN, I go to general then to network and then to VPN settings but idk what to put. Or do I have to do something else. What is tethering, I see that on my phone too but idk what to do. HELP PLEASE!


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