Staples Relay 16gb USB Pen Drive Stuck in Write-Protection?

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ANDREW R Asked: Staples Relay 16gb USB Pen Drive Stuck in Write-Protection?

For the last 4 days I've scoured the internet in search of a solution, but to no avail.I own a 16gb Staples Relay USB pen drive which has somehow put itself into 'write protection' mode, whereas I can't add files to (nor delete files from) the unit.Rest assured, I've read (and tried) all of the various methods I've found which are as follows:

right-click / format
Disk Management / format
HP Storage Removal Tool Utility
"writeprotect" in the registry editor
Low-level format from HDDguru
DOS diskpart & format

DCSBANNERS Staples Relay 16gb USB Pen Drive Stuck in Write Protection?

All of the above have given me the same result by notifying me that the drive is write-protected and cannot be formatted.I've tried all of the above methods on my Windows XP computer as well as a Windows 7 laptop.I would like to note that the media files contained on the drive DO play on my computer without fail, leading me to believe that the card is still functional per se……..and no, there is no switch on the drive at all that can enable / disable write protection.I'm just wondering if there is anything I've not yet tried (short of throwing it in the trash and buying a new one anyway).lol.Any help and information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much in advance.


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