Can i download fl studio to my pen drive?

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Karlos009 Asked: Can i download fl studio to my pen drive?

I have a 1GB pen drive here at work. I want to download the fl studio demo onto my pen drive and take it home to use. Can this be done? I havnt got internet at home im confused im in the middle of downoading 'flstudio_10.0.2_online.exe'. What does online mean? Its gonna take more than an hour to download and its only 214MB.

There are so many versions of FL im not sure i need v10. Whats a good earlier version? What would be the best site?

Sorry for rambling on. Thanks:)

DCSBANNERS Can i download fl studio to my pen drive?


Joseph Mohan Answered:
it might show the estimated wait time as more than an hour initially but once you start downloading, I'm sure it'll get done within 45-50 minutes.. (in 512kb/s speed, a 300 mb file takes 1 1/2 hours to get downloaded. So you do the math.)And about carrying it in your pen drive. You can either downloaded it to wherever it usually gets downloaded to, and then open that location and copy it onto your pend drive, or you can change the location even before you download to your pen drive and this can be done in your browser settings. I guess the first method is the easiest. And it looks to me you have found the right place to download it, but here's another one anyway..

or if you need the full version,here's a torrent file – but it can be installed in your computer only if you have bittorrent or utorrent installed in it

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